Akhaltsikhe, Georgia
by I kynitsky
/ CC BY-SA 4.0
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Climate & Best time to visit Akhaltsikhe

Climate in Akhaltsikhe:

Best time to visit Akhaltsikhe:

Spring (April to June):

  • Spring in Georgia brings mild temperatures and blooming landscapes.
  • It's a fantastic time for nature lovers as the countryside bursts into greenery, and the weather is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and exploring.

Summer (July to August):

  • Summer is the peak tourist season in Georgia.
  • The weather is warm and pleasant, especially in higher-altitude regions, making it perfect for exploring cities, enjoying outdoor adventures, and visiting the Black Sea coast.

Autumn (September to November):

  • Autumn in Georgia is breathtaking as the landscapes transform into a palette of vibrant colors.
  • The weather remains comfortable, making it another great time for outdoor activities, cultural explorations, and wine tours during the harvest season.

Winter (December to February):

  • Winter varies across Georgia. Coastal areas like Batumi experience mild winters, while mountainous regions like Kazbegi see snowfall, perfect for winter sports.
  • Tbilisi and other lowland areas experience cooler temperatures, but it's still a good time for city explorations and cultural experiences.

Money & Prices

Currency in Georgia:

Georgian lari (GEL)

How expensive is a trip to Akhaltsikhe?

Eating out:
Simple meal:
9.85 USD
Fast food meal:
8.63 USD
Mid-range meal:
17.87 USD
Bottle of water:
0.44 USD
Soft drink:
0.87 USD
3.09 USD
Local Beer:
1.96 USD
Public transport - one way ticket:
0.34 USD
Taxi - 1km:
0.72 USD
* Prices are approximate. Make sure to check the latest exchange rates when planning your trip.

General information

Georgia general information:

Voltage: 220 V, Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Type C (European 2-pin)
  • Type F (German 2-pin, side clip earth)

Visa & Travel Requirements

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