Axum, Ethiopia
by A.Savin
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Climate & Best time to visit Axum

Climate in Axum:

Best time to visit Axum:

Dry Season (October to February): This period is generally the best time to visit Northern Ethiopia. The weather is drier, cooler, and more comfortable for exploring the historical sites, monasteries, and natural attractions. The skies are clearer, offering better views, and it's a great time for hiking and outdoor activities.

Rainy Season (June to September): Northern Ethiopia experiences its main rainy season during these months. Travel can be more challenging due to heavy rainfall, muddy roads, and potential travel disruptions. However, this season might showcase vibrant landscapes and is a good time for witnessing the countryside's lush greenery.

Short Rainy Season (March to May): Similar to Eastern Ethiopia, this period sees a shorter rainy season. It might have lighter rains compared to the main rainy season, but some regions might still experience showers. It's a transition period before the drier months.

Money & Prices

Currency in Ethiopia:

Ethiopian birr (ETB)

How expensive is a trip to Axum?

Eating out:
Simple meal:
6.14 USD
Fast food meal:
6.41 USD
Mid-range meal:
11.33 USD
Bottle of water:
0.34 USD
Soft drink:
0.65 USD
0.82 USD
Local Beer:
0.87 USD
Public transport - one way ticket:
0.42 USD
Taxi - 1km:
0.49 USD
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General information

Ethiopia general information:

Voltage: 220 V, Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Type C (European 2-pin)
  • Type F (German 2-pin, side clip earth)
  • Type G (British/Irish 3-pin)

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