Santa Fe Province

Santa Fe Province, Argentina
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Climate & Best time to visit Santa Fe Province

Climate in Santa Fe Province:

Number of rainy days:

J Jan
F Feb
M Mar
A Apr
M May
J Jun
J Jul
A Aug
S Sep
O Oct
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D Dec

Best time to visit Santa Fe Province:

Spring (September to November):

  • Spring is a fantastic time to visit Argentina. The weather is mild, and the landscapes begin to bloom. This season is ideal for exploring cities like Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Mendoza. It's also a great time for hiking in the Andes and the Lake District. In November, you can witness the stunning Jacaranda trees in full bloom in Buenos Aires.

Summer (December to February):

  • Summer is the high season in Argentina. This is the best time to visit the Andean region, including Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. The weather is warm and ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and wildlife watching. It's also a great time to visit the beaches along the Atlantic coast. However, it can be quite hot in Buenos Aires and other central regions.

Autumn (March to May):

  • Autumn is a lovely time to visit Argentina, particularly in the wine regions of Mendoza and Salta. The weather is still pleasant, and the grape harvest season (vendimia) occurs in March and April, making it a great time for wine enthusiasts. In Patagonia, you can enjoy beautiful fall foliage. Crowds are generally smaller than in the summer.

Winter (June to August):

  • Winter is the best time for skiing and snowboarding in the Andes, particularly in places like Bariloche and Las Leñas. The weather is cooler in Buenos Aires and the central regions, but it's still a good time to explore cities and cultural attractions. If you're interested in seeing penguins, head to places like Punta Tombo in Chubut province.

Note on Patagonia:

  • Patagonia is a vast region with diverse weather patterns. The best time to visit depends on your activities. For trekking and outdoor adventures, late spring to early autumn is ideal. However, if you want to experience winter sports, visit during the Southern Hemisphere's winter months.

Note on Northern Argentina:

  • Northern Argentina, including places like Salta and Jujuy, has a different climate. It's often a great destination year-round, with a pleasant climate and unique cultural experiences.

Money & Prices

Currency in Argentina:

Argentine peso (ARS)

How expensive is a trip to Santa Fe Province?

Eating out:
Simple meal:
6.48 USD
Fast food meal:
5.38 USD
Mid-range meal:
11.59 USD
Bottle of water:
0.62 USD
Soft drink:
1.22 USD
1.83 USD
Local Beer:
1.75 USD
Public transport - one way ticket:
0.29 USD
Taxi - 1km:
0.88 USD
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* Prices are approximate. Make sure to check the latest exchange rates when planning your trip.

General information

Argentina general information:

Voltage: 220 V, Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Type C (European 2-pin)
  • Type I (Australian/New Zealand & Chinese/Argentine 2/3-pin)

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